Warner Bros Studios

Warner Bros Studios

Tour the world famous lot, just blocks from the Tangerine.

What do Casablanca, The Streets of San Francisco, 42nd Street, Fantasy Island, East of Eden, and The West Wing have in common? They, and hundreds of other classic movies and TV shows were created just a few blocks from the Tangerine at one of the twenty nine sound stages on the expansive Warner Brothers Studio lot.

Warner Bros abandoned their Sunset Blvd studios in Hollywood and came to Burbank in 1928 when the four Brothers Warner purchased First National Pictures. The company that created the first ‘Tarzan of the Apes’ in 1918, First National’s studios were located on Olive street near Dark Canyon, now the southwest corner of the Warner lot.

With the earnings from the first full-length sound motion picture, the highly successful ’The Jazz Singer’, Warners brought their pioneering sound technology to Burbank and began to perfect the sound technology. The lot expanded along the Los Angeles River, quickly becoming one of the world’s most advanced centers of cinema production.

Tours of the Warner Bros lot, including visits to working sound stages, the Prop Department, the Picture Car Vault are best arranged in advance and tickets may be purchased at www.wbstudiotour.com. The main gate to Warner Bros is less than a half mile from the Tangerine on Riverside Dr at Warner Blvd.