News & Views From the Tangerine
28 Oct

Walt Disney Studios

Of the three mega studios that surround the Tangerine, Walt Disney Studios is certainly the least visited, which is understandable since Disneyland is pretty close by in Anaheim. Nevertheless, they do offer tours, and, for die-hard Disney fans, the hoops required to get on the lot are worth it.

Unless you’re drawn that way, the only means of gaining access to the Disney lot, and its famed animation studio are as follows:

1. Sign up for Adventures by Disney, a somewhat pricey tour package that includes Disneyland, sites in Hollywood, and a behind-the-magic private tour of the Walt Disney Studios.

2. Get tickets to one of the TV shows that are taped on a Disney sound stage. While it’s not a ‘tour’ per se, it’ll at least get you on the lot so you can scope out a bit of the behind-the scene. A good place to find audience ticket is Audience Unlimited.

3. For 75 bucks you can become a member of the D23 Club. Think of it as the Mickey Mouse Club, but for adults. They periodically invite members to exclusive behind-the-scene tours of Disneyland, as well as the studio lot, just a few blocks away from The Tangerine.