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26 Feb

Traveling to Los Angeles –Why the Burbank Bob Hope Airport over LAX

Whether you’re planning a trip for business or pleasure we all know how overwhelming airports can be, especially when you’re flying to one of the busiest cities in the nation.

bob hope airport

When visitors first think of Los Angeles the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is generally the first airport that comes to mind. With stats like “the sixth busiest airport in the world for passengers” and the “third busiest in the world for aircraft traffic,” flying in and out of this hub can be a bit overwhelming, to say the least.

However, there is a way to save yourself some time by not being one of the over 68 million travelers flying into LAX and opting to fly into the Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR).  Its hassle-free convenience, located near Burbank hotels, with easy access to many of Los Angeles’ most popular attractions, makes it an ideal choice.  Plus, it’s actually closer to Hollywood than LAX.

Burbank Airport TERMINAL

Burbank Bob Hope Airport: 

The Burbank Bob Hope Airport has been serving travelers since 1930 and offers a multitude of conveniences for its travelers. Fly to and from BUR and enjoy valet parking, close-by, self-parking to easily walk to your terminal, and a new rental car facility and multimodal transit hub.

Travelers are known to make this their go-to airport for its easy arrival and departure reputation.  BUR reports just fewer than 4 million passengers per year making this exceptionally less busy than LAX. With just two terminals and fourteen gates for the entire airport, you won’t need to go on a hike or take a trolley just to get to your departure gate. Many people positively refer to this spot as the 30-minute arrival and departure airport, so no need to worry about wasting half of your day at the airport.

Getting to and from the airport is easier as well, located in a significantly less populated area than LAX. The bus and train pickup is right across the street making it convenient for passengers looking for another mode of transportation.

So, when you’re planning your travels to Los Angeles, be sure to take a look at Burbank Bob Hope Airport where you’re sure to spend less time at the airport and more time enjoying Burbank and the Los Angeles area. If you have any questions or need travel tips the friendly staff at the Tangerine Hotel, located minutes from BUR, is happy to assist. Safe travels!

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