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14 Feb

Traveler’s Tips from a LA Local

Visiting the city of Los Angeles, with its bright lights and never-ending activities, can be a blast but at times a bit daunting. Here are a few tips and tricks that are sure to make your stay much more enjoyable.

  • Battling Traffic 

This terrifying word is no secret and yet so many people find themselves fighting it on a constant basis. Leaving just 20 minutes earlier, or later, could make a world of difference in making your day a lot less stressful. Peak times are generally from 6am – 8am and 3pm – 7pm but it depends on the freeways and the specific route you’re taking. Ask your hotel concierge for assistance, check Google Maps for the congested routes prior to leaving your hotel, or download a commuter friendly app such as Waze.

  • Getting Around 

Getting around in a foreign area, let alone in one of the busiest cities in the U.S., can be completely frustrating.  Try the new premium transportation services like Uber or Lyft. You can download these apps on your smart phone for easy access and many times they’ll give you a significant discount (or even a free ride) for joining. The vehicles are generally much nicer than taxis, the drivers are encouraged to express their unique personality, and many will provide tourists with an insider’s scoop of the city.

  • Saving a Pretty Penny 

Between the many theme parks, trendy dinners and must-see shows the dent in your pocket book can grow quickly. Take advantage of the many FREE options available in the Los Angeles and Burbank areas. You’ll find a plethora of beautiful parks, hiking trails and gorgeous beaches just miles from you. Griffith Park, Runyon Canyon and Zuma Beach are just a few of the beautiful outdoor sites available for you to enjoy. For health fanatics, the Los Angeles area is home to many fitness centers and unique yoga studios as well. Many offer a free or discounted class for first time attendees.

  • Saving a Pretty Penny Part 2 

There are many amazing restaurants in Burbank and the surrounding areas but many fine dining options come at a hefty price. Ask your concierge or look online and you’ll find a variety of restaurant deals on Yelp, Groupon and Living Social. Farmers’ markets are another great way to experience local food, jewelry and crafts. These take place in various locations throughout Los Angeles on all days of the week.

  • Research 

In a city that is constantly moving and changing even a local can get overwhelmed from time-to-time. When it comes to finding the best activities or restaurants, lucky for us, there are plenty of apps, websites, and bloggers who make it their job to be up-to-date on the latest and greatest of what Los Angeles has to offer. Take some time to read up on the area – read blogs, read reviews, read the latest articles. They generally offer some valuable, and genuine, words of wisdom to steer you in the right direction.

Always remember, whatever you are interested in seeing and doing, our friendly and knowledgeable hotel staff are here to assist in making your stay as enjoyable as possible.

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