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10 Aug

Tips for Navigating the Streets of LA

It’s no secret that getting around Burbank and the surrounding Los Angeles areas can be a bit of a challenge – especially with the influx of tourists during the summer months.  Luckily there are a multitude of tools and travel options to make getting from point A to B a little bit easier. Here are a few companies and apps that will make getting to amusement parks, restaurants, the beach, or wherever you may want to go during your stay at The Tangerine Hotel in Burbank, a bit easier.


This mobile app connects you with a driver in a matter of minutes. In Los Angeles you’ll find a variety of cars all over the city. Simply download the app, select the type of vehicle that you would like and a car we’ll be there to pick you up shortly. With Uber, you don’t need to worry about tipping, dealing with cash or credit cards because everything is directly connected to your account through the app. You can also rate your ride ensuring that you receive the best service possible. Plus, if you do a quick Google search you’ll find a variety of codes that will give you a $15-$25 discount on your first ride.


If you’re driving around Los Angeles in your own vehicle then Waze can you save you hours of time that you many have spent in traffic. This interactive, community-based traffic and navigation app will share real time road and traffic info saving you precious time and money. Get updates on high-traffic areas, roadside hazards, police vehicles and more and automatically be routed to the best route.


Lyft is available every day of the week at all hours of the day. Based around the motto of having “a friend with a car whenever you need one,” Lyft encourages their drives to be personable and friendly, oftentimes having snacks and water in the vehicle for the ride. This app-based service allows you to get picked up by a driver in a matter of minutes. Like Uber, you can oftentimes find promo codes online for your first ride.

The Metro

The Metro offers convenient and affordable ways of getting around the city. With varying guides on their website you can see which lines you’ll need to take to get you to where you need to be, whether it be shopping, museums, arenas and more.

Super Shuttle

Super Shuttle may not help you when you’re trying to be out and about in LA but it is a convenient and affordable option when you need a ride to the nearby Burbank Airport or to LAX. Offering rides to LAX at just $20 is a price that can’t be beat.  

We hope you find these tools as valuable as we have in helping to navigate the city. Of course, if you ever need a little extra help getting to where you need to be, the staff at The Tangerine Hotel in Burbank is always here to assist. Safe travels and we hope you enjoy your stay in Burbank!

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