News & Views From the Tangerine
Sign in front of Smoke House restaurant near Tangerine Hotel Burbank
15 Aug

The Smoke House

The original Smoke House opened on Riverside and Pass in1946— just two blocks from the Tangerine’s current location. It quickly became such a popular hangout for neighborhood luminaries that a larger location was procured close by, adjacent to Gate 1 of Warner Bros Studios.  Literally a few steps from Warner, the Smoke house in its heyday (in Hollywood’s heyday, who are we kidding?) became a practical social for such Hollywood stalwarts as Cary Grant, Errol Flynn, Judy Garland, Humphrey Bogart, or even upper management moguls like Lew Wasserman, Samuel Goldwyn, or Jack Warner.

When TV took over, TV personalities took over the Smoke House. Laugh-In was practically written there as the its creator and writer, George Schlatter, had an office right across the street.

It’s still frequented by the Hollywood hoi polloi (but these days, let’s face it, they’re everywhere), but the real attraction now is what’s rubbed into the woodwork… and the grill up a pretty mean Porterhouse.