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24 Mar

Burbank – Behind the City

Many people, regardless of where they call home, hear of Los Angeles, and have a general idea of its happenings and what it’s most known for. When it comes to its neighboring cities, mainly Burbank, folks may be a bit more out of the loop. Here are some fun facts about the beautiful city of Burbank. It’s close enough to the nightlife of Hollywood, the pristine beaches of Malibu and the bustling downtown Los Angeles area, yet a bit on the outskirts, allowing its residents to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet from the never-ending activity.

·        It’s located in the Eastern end of the San Fernando Valley and one of five cities in the Valley.

·        It’s named after David Burbank, a dentist and entrepreneur who purchased 4,600 acres in 1867 and eventually became known as a very successful sheep raiser.

·        Located just several miles from Hollywood, it is known as the Media Capital of the World, although it was once bustling with manufacturing and aviation in the early years.  Mogul media and entertainment companies are located in the city including: The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Entertainment andNickelodeon.

·        The popular Olive Ave, which winds its way through the heart of Burbank, was once the road early settlers traveled down to buy and sell supplies.

·        The city’s primary mall, The Burbank Town Center has been a favorite backdrop for many shows and movies.

·        Burbank’s Bob’s Big Boy is the oldest remaining Bob’s Big Boy location in America and was declared a “STATE POINT OF HISTORICAL INTEREST” by the state of California.

There is much more to the town of Burbank than what is listed here, but hopefully this gives you a feel of the robust town, nestled right outside of Los Angeles, filled with restaurants, stores and plenty of activities for every type of tourist. A large city, with a bit of a small town feel, close enough to the heart of Los Angeles, but far enough away to relax a bit. Enjoy your stay and be sure to ask our knowledgeable staff if you have any questions or concerns about the area.


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