Walt Disney Studios

Of the three mega studios that surround the Tangerine, Walt Disney Studios is certainly the least visited, which is understandable since Disneyland is pretty close...
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Warner Bros Studio

What do Casablanca, The Streets of San Francisco, 42nd Street, Fantasy Island, East of Eden, and The West Wing have in common? They, and hundreds...
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‘Cascabel’ in Spanish means ‘rattle’, and commonly refers to ‘rattle snake’, a connotation that becomes abundantly clear when you see the large scale mural at...
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The Federal Bar

We’re hesitant to use the word ‘hipster’ to describe anything, but if prohibition era decor, slinky burlesque, ‘elixirs’ instead of drinks, eclectic music programming (from...
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The Smoke House

The original Smoke House opened on Riverside and Pass in1946— just two blocks from the Tangerine’s current location. It quickly became such a popular hangout...
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The Red Door

Arguably the most popular bar in Toluca Lake is the most hidden. Tucked away behind Paty’s on Riverside (easy stumbling distance from the Tangerine), this ‘speakeasy’...
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Olive & Thyme

Cozy, family-owned market & cafe featuring a menu of breakfast-to-dinner eats, coffee & baked goods.